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See how Independent Living is different at Jenner’s Pond

Helpful questions and answers for people interested in Independent Living

What’s the difference between independent living at Jenner’s Pond and the other residential options?
Independent Living means you continue to enjoy the independent lifestyle that you have now—only we take care of all the maintenance, upkeep and repair of your home. Plus we offer services and amenities on site to make living easy and carefree. As a continuing care retirement community, we also offer a full continuum of care and a choice of residential options to meet any changing health care needs. With Assisted Living, short- and long-term rehabilitation, memory care and skilled nursing, residents have peace of mind knowing that the right kind of care is always available on campus.

Can I have guests?
Visitors are welcome 24/7. The Jenner’s Pond community is your home and your friends, family and loved ones are free to visit at any time.

Can I bring my pet?

Can I keep my car? Is there other transportation available?
Yes, independent living residents keep their cars. Additional transportation is also available with regular scheduled trips for shopping. We also provide transportation to medical appointments within a 25-mile radius.

If my spouse requires long-term care, will I be able to stay in the cottage/apartment?
Yes. You can stay in your apartment or cottage and stay close to your spouse in the assisted living, memory care and healthcare areas.

How much does Independent Living cost at Jenner’s Pond?
Our admissions and finance team will review your financial situation, and discuss your options. There is an entrance fee and monthly charges. However, these fees are dependent on a variety of factors including type of residence, number of residents and the type of service contract. Call us at 800-341-3556 and we’ll set up an appointment with a representative who can walk you through the different housing options, cost structures and contract choices.

How can I reserve a residence today?
It’s easy! Simply call us at 800-341-3556, and we’ll set up an appointment. Or you can use the contact form online. We’re ready to answer your questions and to help you plan for your future at Jenner’s Pond.

What if I have to sell my home before I move?
Call us at 800-341-3556, and we can help you. Our moving specialists can advise you and help you plan every part of your move.