Landscaping Committee in bloom at Jenner’s Pond

Along with its wide variety of clubs and activities, Jenner’s Pond is known for its beautiful campus, made all the more impressive by the lovely exterior landscaping. Sitting right at the intersection of these distinguishing attributes of the community is the Landscaping Committee, a small but dedicated group of residents who take pride in maintaining Jenner’s Pond’s many outdoor highlights.

Elaine McGrew has been on the Landscaping Committee for eight years, and has served as its chair for the past four. “The committee was originally called The Rovers and formed in 1997 to discuss managing the multiflora and other invasives that were growing in the area,” she says. “That group also discussed pedestrian pathways, a possible vegetable garden and areas to plant flowers.”

After that first meeting, the committee took firm root within the community and has been blooming ever since. Today, there are 17 official members who meet on the first Monday of every month. Meetings are open to any residents who wish to attend, and many often do. “It’s not unusual for us to have to move our meetings into the theater to accommodate everyone who wants to attend,” says Elaine.

The vegetable garden that was first discussed 20 years ago is now a reality, with ten raised garden beds managed by residents. In addition to maintaining the community trail network and flower gardens, the committee also serves as an advisory board for residents who wish to make exterior alterations to their residences.

“What’s very exciting is that we have some ‘new blood’ involved in the group who are working with our grounds manager,” Elaine says. “When we residents get to work closely with the staff and management like that, it’s encouraging and very beneficial to both the committee and the community overall.”

Pictured: Elaine McGrew, co-chair of the Landscaping Committee. Other members not pictured are co-chair Kristin Liersch, secretary Janice Taylor, Betty Chandler, Ralph Churchill, Sue Clendenin, Phil Donohoe, Betty Faulds, Ed Johnston, Willy Jurrissen, Tom Jurrissen, Jan Macleod, Skip McGrew, Pat Rosenbaum, Dorry Ross, and Diane Sammelwitz.