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Smarter Sale and Smarter Move Programs

Sometimes, the hardest part of selling your home comes before the “For Sale” sign goes up.

Smarter Sale Program
Our Smarter Sale Program offers assistance to new residents coming from within a 25-mile radius of Jenner’s Pond. One of our renovation experts will come to your home and review whatever work needs to be done to the inside and outside of your home to help sell it in a timely fashion. This includes landscaping and cleaning, as well as interior renovations. Jenner’s Pond will pay up to $5,000 toward this service.

Home Repairs
You want your home to be in top shape when you put it on the market. This often means getting to work on a list of home repairs. Our team of experts includes certified contractors qualified to take care of a variety of home improvements. Whether it’s patching holes, replacing carpets, repairing faucet or drain leaks, making small electric repairs, painting or power washing, you can leave the work to us.

Smarter Move Program
Our Smarter Move Program offers assistance with the moving process by providing support with downsizing, decluttering and moving. We’ll connect you with your choice of company that specializes with transitioning to carefree retirement living. The company will help you determine what to bring and what to donate, give to your children, throw away, sell or bring with you. They’ll pack and move you to your new home at Jenner’s Pond. Jenner’s Pond will pay up to $5,000 toward this service.

For more information on the Smarter Sale Program and Smarter Move Program, contact your Jenner’s Pond sales counselor or call 800-341-3556.

Smarter Spaces Program
We understand that you love your home and want to remain there. But could things around the house be easier for you? Certainly. And our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) can tell you how. We’ll come to your home, learn your routine, and address any challenges you face with your current situation. We’ll make recommendations about how your home can work harder for you. Then we can make it all happen.

What is the CAPS designation?
The Remodelers Council of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the NAHB Research Center, NAHB 50+ Housing Council and the AARP collaborated to develop this program. It was created to address a growing demand for services that can provide these types of home modifications. The CAPS designation requires certification strategies and techniques for designing and building aesthetically enriching, barrier-free living environments. The program also addresses building codes and standards, as well as ethical codes required to maintain the designation.

What can we do for you?
It’s important to you to maintain your independence, and maneuverability is one of the key components of that independence. Our CAPS-certified workers will bring modification ideas to you that will make living in your home easier, which allows you to remain there more comfortably. These modifications include installing bath and shower grab bars, adjusting countertop heights, installing ramps, creating multifunctional first-floor master suites, and more.

Is this service right for you?
Though the CAPS designation was developed specifically to address the needs of seniors who wish to age in place, Smarter Spaces caters to anyone who feels their home and independence may benefit from our specialty modifications.

Call Daryl Hertsenberg, Director of Facilities and Construction, at 610-869-6760, or send an email to dhertsenberg@jennerspond.org to learn more and set up a personal appointment.